Our House

Home & Family are privileged to be restoring a grade 1, category 1 heritage building in the Christchurch CBD. There is something incredibly special about this story and the opportunity to weave together heritage and social history that is so significant to our community.

Following the devastating Canterbury Earthquakes, Home & Family lost the building that had housed its head office and counselling services.

In 2014 Home & Family secured the purchase of the convent of The Community of the Sacred Name on the corner of Barbadoes and St Asaph Streets. This building was home to Nurse Maude’s dispensary and the base from which the first District Nursing Office operated.

The convent is a grade-one heritage building that was designed by Benjamin Woolfield Mountfort and built in parts from 1895.  This building, which has suffered some earthquake damage, will become the new home for the head office and counselling services. The convent has beautiful and unique heritage features including a chapel with historically significant stained glass windows. Home & Family are working closely with Heritage New Zealand to ensure that the significant aspects of this building are identified so that they can be preserved and maintained as the building takes on this new purpose.

It is the intention of Home & Family that Our House will have areas that can be used and enjoyed by the public so that this taonga becomes an asset to the community and a landmark for hope, compassion and respect.

The refurbishment of this amazing building will provide Home & Family with a visible, accessible community centre to base their services from. It will give Home & Family the potential to grow their services and reach more people who have need of them.

Help us build the house that makes happy homes

The refurbishment of Our House serves the Canterbury community through the establishment of a permanent and secure base from which Home & Family can continue their vital work building happy and safe homes. It also protects and maintains this significant heritage building, allowing the good work that has always been undertaken from within its walls to continue.  This gives the convent a new lease on life, preserving its place within the community it has continued to serve throughout its history.

For over 100 years Home & Family have been actively contributing to our community and making a real and measurable difference in the lives of families.

With your help they can achieve their goal of refurbishing the convent and turning it into Our House – a place where families are strengthened and supported.

To learn more about getting involved, please contact Phillip Duval on 021 300 345 or email president@homeandfamily.net.nz.