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28th Feb


Support for Christchurch children affected by trauma

Home & Family provides critical interventions for children affected by trauma, grief, violence and abuse. Established in 1898, the charity has seen an unprecedented rise in referrals since the Canterbury earthquakes.

Home & Family’s work is vital; repetitive or significant trauma at an early age can compromise the cognitive and emotional development of children.

Cheryl’s grandson experienced trauma at an early age. Home & Family were there for the whole family to help them move forward. Here are her words:


In the midst of a storm of earthquakes, my then-3 year-old grandson also lost his mother; she was murdered by an ex-partner.

It became unbearable seeing the impact taking its toll on this precious little boy, from not only the horrific loss of his mother, but also the constant fear of being harmed or losing others, due to the ongoing violent shaking of our home. He needed help and Home and Family were our life line.

With the amazing support from Home and Family our family was enabled to jointly work together to help him through the darkness.  The help my grandson received has had a long lasting and positive effect, enabling him to thrive, and his future is now brighter because of it.

We all need to step up and do what we can by supporting Home & Family to provide the help our children so desperately need.”


Cheryl’s grandson is just one example of the hundreds of children Home & Family work with every year. As a charity, we’re committed to early intervention and staying with children and families for as long as they need.

We need everyone’s help to continue helping the children of Canterbury. By making a regular or one-off donation to Home & Family, you can help to make a huge and positive difference to young people who have not had the start in life that all children deserve.


Cheryl’s full statement:

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