Our Ambassadors

Mark Quinn

“Every kid should have the opportunity to be a kid.

When I was four years old my dad died. A week later, Mum’s mum died. Mum was seven months pregnant and already had four kids. There was no help. She never even had anyone to talk to. She was forced to give up the farm and my youngest sister became a tamaiti whāngai and was raised by whānau. Two months after she was born, Mum and the four of us moved back to England where she was from.

Money was scarce and Mum did her best; she may have gone hungry but she made sure we never did. We lived in a poor neighborhood and we saw it all. Some of my mates didn’t have carpets, their dads beat their mums, they didn’t have lunches. The same thing still happens today, it’s just that it’s not as in your face.

I believe that we should try to create a nice pathway for people who are struggling. People need to be listened to, cared for, pointed in the right direction and be treated like human beings. That’s what Home & Family does – helps the world to feel human.

The work Home & Family do is not just painting over the issues, it’s really helping to fix the problems. Everyone deserves an opportunity in life; they deserve to feel like a valued member of society. By supporting Home & Family I’m just doing my small part to fulfil the big hopes I have for all children in our community.”

Bridget Tempero

Bridget is competing in the individual two day Coast to Coast event in 2022, and has chosen to use this opportunity to raise funds for Home & Family! Bridget is passionate about being active and has a goal to raise $8,000 through her ‘Inspire, Nurture, Grow’ fundraiser. You can track Bridget’s progress or help her towards her goal through her givealittle page: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/inspire-nurture-grow

“If, by me doing this fundraising,I can provide a benefit to some of these families and help them develop better life skills which can be passed on down to their kids! Then that would be amazing”.

We are so grateful for Bridget’s efforts to raise funds for Home & Family. Donations like these allow us to continue acting as a springboard for all children to have an opportunity to reach for the stars!

Vanessa Cole

“My first experience with Home & Family ignited a curiosity that has grown into full blown admiration and my becoming an ambassador. I couldn’t be more pleased or feel more honoured.

Home & Family epitomise support. They understand that true practical support within the family leads to direct connection and wellbeing within the community – it is perhaps the most fundamentally important step in bringing the heart of humanity and its people into healthy, loving connection.

Being a dance teacher in the 2017 Home & Family Dancing With The Stars was a career highlight on many levels. Not only did I get to connect with many wonderful individuals giving themselves and their time to enter a journey within dance, we were all united by the common goal of fundraising for a most worthy charity. And what an epic and wonderful experience it was!

When I understood this to be the only service of its kind in NZ, I was even more inspired to become part of their message and team in any way I could. One of my favourite aspects of Home & Family is the play therapy for children. It is an innovative and insightful tool in supporting our most vulnerable to find their voice. Through gentle accessible sharing, children can feel and develop trust within themselves and the world around them – an amazing and life changing gift for all involved.

I feel a deep passion and care for both the clients and workers within Home & Family. My wish is that the work Home & Family does is recognised by the community and receives its support in kind.”

Kate and Lei'ataua Limuloa

“We are honoured to be the ambassadors of Home & Family. The most important thing in our lives is our kids. Every decision we make as a family is based on what is best for them. We love that Home & Family share this value, that their first focus is always what makes a safe, healthy and happy environment for children.

As parents we understand the pressure that having kids places on you. They are both your greatest gift and your greatest challenge. Not everyone in life has had the opportunity to see what a family looks like. That’s where Home & Family come in. They are doing the real work helping young families learn the skills to become committed and loving parents. The fact that they work with the whole family and really create lasting change is so inspiring to us. We are committed to Christchurch and making our city amazing. Home & Family are a massive part of what makes Christchurch special to us. We are proud to be associated with them and the establishment of Our House – a symbol for hope, respect and compassion for families.”

Chrystal Chenery

Chrystal chose Home & Family Society as her charity of choice on TV3’s series of Dancing with the Stars. Since then she has been to see our programmes and she has met some of the families we work with.

Home & Family is an independent Christchurch based Incorporated Society that works with children, adults and families facing barriers to positive outcomes in their lives. Our vision is that ‘all children live in homes with whanau/family who cherish them, keep them safe and nurture their potential’. This is a cause close to Chrystal’s heart and we are thrilled she has decided to stay on board and support us in such a meaningful way.

We are truly grateful for Chrystal’s commitment to Home & Family since her time on Dancing with the Stars and we have very much enjoyed being a part of her journey.