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3rd May


JUNE 9th 2016: Dancing with the Stars for Home & Family!

Home & Family’s ‘Dancing with the Stars Fundraising Challenge’ took Christchurch by storm last year. The event was hugely successful, selling out within days and raising just over $30,000 for Home & Family Society.

It’s fair to say that 2016’s event will be BIGGER and BETTER, with 30 non dancers taking part and an audience of 700! Our contestants will undergo 6 weeks of professional dance training before taking the stage on June 9th. Buy your ticket now and don’t miss out!

Dancing with the Stars 2016 line up:

Nigel Paterson, William Fulton, Jamie Adams, Richard Malthus, Philip Thackwell, Taua Limuloa, Adam Heaven, Pater Randrup, Vincent Berhault, Agi Tolo, Martin Kennedy, Daniel Parkin, Glenn Livingstone, Emma Kinley, Annabel Carter, Debbie Soper, Ingrid Taylor, Brooke Cawte, Fiona Frew, Jennifer Jones, Scarlett Bay, Madeline Bay, Holly Andrews, Renata Boot, Cheryl Torvizi, Clea Felix

Home & Family Society Christchurch rely on fundraising events to support their parenting programmes and counselling service in Christchurch. All proceeds from the event will go towards helping Home & Family provide their much needed services in the community.

Limited tickets available, to purchase tickets please contact Sophie at / 039440635

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