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27th Feb


Hope on International Women’s Day


Thoughts on hope…

We LOVE this speech by Deborah Frances-White on the Guilty Feminist. And it got us thinking, what are our hopes for women of the future?


“They will do whatever they want and won’t be homeless.” – Olivia, 10

“To live in a world where institutionalised discrimination, of any type, is not part of the culture; for girls to know meaningful connection with other beings, have dreams they can work towards realising; to feel that they are able to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.”” – Naomi van den Broek, Home & Family Supporter

“All women will have opportunities to fulfil their full potential.” – Cheryl, Lead Counsellor at H&F

“Women will be empowered to make their own choices and feel confident in their judgement” – Kim Georgine, Cat House Films, Home & Family Supporter

“More and more people use their influence to amplify voices which were previously silenced, that we learn to listen and value traditionally feminine traits and society grows in compassion.” – Eve, Home & Family Fundraising Manager

“My hope is for girls to have the opportunity to get an education and women the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families”. – Rebecca Parnham, Krama & Co. Home & Family partner.

“That we start to honour the women striving to make the world a nurturing, safe and enriching world for other.” – Val Carter, Home & Family Executive Director


Those are some of our hopes. We’d love to know what yours are.


Invite your friends and colleagues to celebrate International Women’s Day (Thursday 8 March 2018) with Home & Family and Krama & Co.




It’s easy. Arrange a get-together with your friends or colleagues, any time during the week surrounding International Women’s Day. It could be a morning tea, after work drinks or at lunchtime. Let us know what you’re doing, and a couple of us will come along to talk about hopes and ideas, celebrate women and share opportunities to help.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in getting together with some other local feminists, let us know and we will arrange something with anyone who wants to come along! Call/text Eve (0210 262 0661) or Rebecca (0210 2900 576) and we’ll see what we can do.

If you’d like us to bring a basket of beautiful kramas into your workplace, or get together, for people to buy and, in doing so help local and international women become economically empowered, let us know and we will sort you out!

In the meantime, let us know through Facebook and Instagram what are YOUR hopes for women of the future. Simply take a photo, write your wish and tag Home & Family/ Krama & Co. & use the hashtag #IWD2018


Let’s get celebrating, sharing, and using our hope for good this International Women’s Day!