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4th Dec


International Volunteer Day


International Volunteer Day (IV Day) will be celebrated around the globe on 5 December 2014. Volunteering New Zealand facilitates this celebration so New Zealand’s volunteers can be recognised and acknowledged for their invaluable work done in our communities. Home and Family wishes to thank of all our wonderful volunteers for their support.

Helping to build stronger communities is something that all New Zealanders should be proud of, especially the thousands of dedicated volunteers who support worthy causes every year.

On average people in New Zealand spend 13 minutes per day in volunteering activities, the highest in the OECD where the average is 4 minutes per day (Better Life Index 2014).

Through the selfless efforts of many volunteers local emergency services, sports and recreation, animal welfare, health, education, faith communities, social services, the environment and conservation, human rights, and community support and development services serve their community.

With your support, your community can achieve so much more. Once again a very big THANK YOU from Home and Family.