On average, 15 children a day in New Zealand are placed in care.

Your gift can support our parenting programme, which helps keep families together by giving parents skills in safe, effective and nurturing parenting. We offer a residential programme that runs 24/7, 365 days a year and typically families stay for two months, although there is no time limit. Very often we work with families where out of home placements are being considered for the children.

Research shows children are better off in the care of their parents; Home & Family is committed to keeping children in the care of their parents wherever possible.

Child therapy/counselling

In 2017, 80% of primary school-aged children in Christchurch displayed symptoms of PTSD.  New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world.

Your gift can support child and youth counselling interventions for a number of issues, particularly anxiety and depression; grief and loss; trauma; family violence; relationship difficulties; and parenting issues.

At Home & Family we offer Child-Centred Play Therapy (CCPT) for children as young as three. CCPT is one of the most thoroughly researched methods of play therapy in the world.

Our practitioners work alongside clients and families to create personalised plans, track progress and measure impact. We never turn a child or young person away or allow cost to inhibit someone from accessing counselling.

Reducing family violence

Police in Canterbury receive a domestic violence call out every four minutes.

Your gift can fund life-changing intervention for families experiencing families violence.  Home & Family is committed to a vision where all children in Aotearoa live in families/whānau free from violence.

We have a specialist team supporting this vision and they have a particular focus on supporting children and young people experiencing or using violence with the family.

Our House

If your passion is preserving heritage, you can choose to leave your gift to the support the preservation of our grade 1, category 1 heritage building ‘Our House’

Our House has come a long way since it was first built in 1895, to house the Sisters of the Community of the Sacred Name. A grade 1, category 1 heritage building, it has served the Christchurch Community for over 120 years.

The house was once home to Nurse Maude’s dispensary and the base from which the first district nursing office operated. It has beautiful and unique heritage features, including a chapel with historically significant stained glass windows.

Home & Family worked closely with Heritage New Zealand to ensure that the significant aspects of this building were identified, preserved and maintained as the building took on a new purpose. After five years of fundraising, negotiations and construction we moved into Our House in June of 2018 and we finally have our own permanent home.

Your gift can fund on-going maintenance and restoration, allowing Our House to remain a treasured asset to the community and a landmark for hope, compassion and respect.

“At Home & Family, we know that if people get the right support, the right environment and the right acknowledgement, they can make changes. Some of them might seem small to other people, but for the people we get to know they are huge, absolutely phenomenal changes.”

Sandra Talbot, Social Worker – Home & Family
What we do

In our 120 years of operation, Home & Family has consistently adapted to meet the changing needs of the community. Our work is as relevant and essential today as always.

Who we are

Through three unique counselling, parenting and youth services, Home & Family creates environments for positive change, by working with the whole family.

Can you help?

Home & Family relies on generous donations from the public, sponsorship from businesses & grants to continue offering our much-needed services.