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How we are helping

We are helping the vulnerable children and families that we work with in three ways.

Child Therapy

Home & Family offers child therapy which enables children and youth to overcome difficulties and achieve emotional well-being. The world a child creates in their play is their natural way of communicating, in child therapy our counsellors enter their world to communicate with them to help them to understand psychological challenges. Our counsellors provide interventions for children struggling with anxiety and depression, grief and loss, trauma and family violence and other forms of abuse.

Residential Parenting Programme

The Home & Family parenting service supports parents to develop healthy, secure relationships with their children. Research confirms that children are better off in the care of their own family. Home & Family is committed to keeping children with their families, while providing parents with the tools to parent successfully.


The aim of Refocus is to enable all whānau and tamariki to become thriving members of their community. The service offers a child-focused intervention which works with the whole whānau for up to five years. The team walks alongside whānau who live with inter-generational complexity, and the programme concentrates on breaking cycles which can result in young people entering the youth justice system

“At Home & Family, we know that if people get the right support, the right environment and the right acknowledgement, they can make changes. Some of them might seem small to other people, but for the people we get to know they are huge, absolutely phenomenal changes.”

Sandra Talbot, Social Worker – Home & Family
What we do

In our 120 years of operation, Home & Family has consistently adapted to meet the changing needs of the community. Our work is as relevant and essential today as always.

Who we are

Through three unique counselling, parenting and youth services, Home & Family creates environments for positive change, by working with the whole family.

Can you help?

Home & Family relies on generous donations from the public, sponsorship from businesses & grants to continue offering our much-needed services.