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17th Mar


We need your stuff!

Or, that is to say, we would be most grateful for any donations…

As part of its ongoing fundraising efforts, Home & Family is launching its own boutique. We will be selling regenerated and upcycled items through TradeMe and  series of Swap Shop events. As such, on an ongoing basis we will be gathering items that can be sold or upcycled.

All profits will be used towards supporting the work of Home & Family. The project is part of our wider initiative to activate kindness and generosity in business and the community.

You can help us out by donating your unwanted items, arranging pick ups of goods from workplaces or schools or by holding your own swap shop.

If you’re able to help, please drop off items to: Home & Family, 76 Thackeray Street, Waltham, Christchurch, between 9 & 5, Monday-Friday. Alternatively, call or email Eve on 0210 262 0661 or to arrange a pick up or different time.