Home & Family is delighted to be partnering with the National SafeCare Training and Research Center at Georgia State University to launch SafeCare in Aotearoa.

SafeCare is a brief, evidence-based, early intervention training programme for parents and caregivers of tamariki ages 0-5.

SafeCare uses a skill-based curriculum that builds on the knowledge, experience and existing strengths of a parent/caregiver. Through initial baseline assessments, we are able to identify a parent’s initial skill set and use this information to inform how to deliver the training in remaining sessions.

SafeCare is delivered over 18 sessions that cover 3 modules:

  • Parent-Infant/Child Interaction that targets risk factors associated with neglect and physical abuse
  • Health that targets risk factors for medical neglect
  • Home Safety that targets risk factors for environmental neglect and unintentional injury

For further information, please contact:

Hamish Mepham

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You can find our Statutory Referral Form for SafeCare here.
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Our Social Work team will endeavour to get in contact within two weeks of receiving the referral.

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