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Our Kōmanawa team offers a Brief Intervention Parenting Programme

This programme is offered over a 6-to-8-week period, tailored to parents and caregivers with children aged five and above, including pre-teens and teenagers. It benefits families facing challenges such as conflict in the home, children with behavioural issues, and parents with shared custody.

The Brief Intervention programme assists parents in setting goals to enhance their understanding of child development and expectations. It explores the impact of parental behaviours, choices, and characteristics on the child and their behaviour. By fostering introspection, this program supports clients in analysing and implementing strategies to get the best response from their children.

Through the programme, parents gain valuable skills in effective communication and implementing age-appropriate parenting strategies. They learn strategies that align with their child’s developmental stage, fostering a positive parent-child relationship. The programme encourages parents to make informed choices and empowers them to create safer home environments for their children.

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