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Protecting tamariki from birth is as relevant and essential now as ever as we witness child statistics for abuse and violence increase and a total of 20,000 Canterbury children living below the poverty line.

Having served our community for over 120 years, our charity continues to strive to protect the childhoods of pēpi, tamariki, rangatahi. We believe in building ongoing, reciprocal partnerships with businesses and individuals who share our vision for all children to be safe, cherished and their potential nurtured.

We’ll work together in the following areas:

On average, 15 children a day in New Zealand are placed in care.
Child therapy
New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world.
Family violence
Police in Canterbury receive a domestic violence call out every four minutes.

We provide measurable change to the lives of over 650 children and their parents/ caregivers annually.

For every $1 invested in the Home & Family residential parenting programme, we return $2.40 worth of social value to our community (statistic of SROI reported from Impact Lab study).


*Based on 2020 figures

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