Who is Moogy?

Once upon a time, in a suburban neighbourhood in Christchurch, there lived a little monster named Moogy.

Moogy was not like any other monster you might have heard of. Instead of being fearsome and monstrous, Moogy was small, furry, and brimming with positive energy. Moogy’s happiness wasn’t by chance; Moogy was created by the imagination of Sam.

Sam lived in a house that should have been filled with laughter and warmth, but it had turned into a place of darkness and despair.

The walls of their home bore the scars of on-going tension, confusion and hopelessness.

Moogy, created by Sam’s imagination, appeared during happy times and sad times. But when Sam’s home environment became unstable, Moogy’s happiness faded.

The once colourful and imaginative stories were now taking on a sombre tone…


Moogy exists to highlight the critical role of a safe and nurturing environment in fostering children’s imaginations and protecting their childhoods. When Sam’s happiness and security are taken care of, Moogy thrives, and when they aren’t, Moogy suffers.

Traumatic experiences cast a shadow over children’s imaginations, suppressing their ability to be happy, to be silly, to be creative – to just be kids.

Your support in “making Moogy smile” and telling Moogy’s story, will amplify the voices of our tamariki who deserve to be heard. Together, we can create a brighter future where childhoods are protected and imaginations can soar!

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