Our Vision

The vision of Home & Family/Te Whare Manaaki Tangata is that all children will live in homes with whānau/family who cherish them, keep them safe and nurture their potential.

Home & Family has specialised services accessible to whānau/family and tamariki/children including counselling services, residential parenting programmes and comprehensive, ecological assessment and evidence-based intervention programmes. The services aim to address early life experiences and risk factors to reduce the number of children in care by strengthening families within a nurturing environment. Individual, family, school, peer and community related factors and how they impact on our client’s life experiences and trajectory are considered.

The total picture: an overarching framework 

Our service includes careful consideration of environmental influences to meet the long-term needs of our clients. Research suggests that the context surrounding development can have a powerful influence on the degree to which human potential is reached, highlighting the importance of contextual (environmental) influences on human development.

The role of Home & Family team is to empower individuals to reach their full potential (Maslow self-actualisation), or perhaps whakaora (the notion of restoring wholeness) whilst addressing the challenges that they face along the way. The outcome of Home & Family’s work with whānau is empowering parents/caregivers to facilitate change as better long-term adjustment may be expected where a child has a secure attachment to a parent and or primary caregiver.

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13th Oct


Home & Family on CTV News

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Chrystal Chenery

Chrystal Chenery Fundraising for Home & Family Society

Our beautiful ambassador Chrystal Chenery has taken on the challenge of raising $30,000 for a new minivan, which would be used for our parenting programme.

The minivan we have at the moment is on it’s last legs.. It’s used constantly for picking up families, taking children to school, preschool, doctors appointments, going food shopping (when teaching families how to budget properly), taking the families on outings, etc.

Our House

For over 100 years Home & Family have been actively contributing to our community and making a real and measurable difference in the lives of families. With your help they can achieve their goal of refurbishing the convent and turning it into Our House – a place where families are strengthened and supported.

Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters who help us create environments for positive change