Home & Family's parenting services support parents to develop healthy, secure relationships with their children.

Home & Family is committed to keeping children with their families, while providing parents with the tools to parent safely and successfully.

“With the help of Home & Family, we were able to prove that we were a good family…Home & Family has given us so much… not just their time, but their knowledge and their care…”

Ways we help

Our parenting service encompasses our three child focused programmes;

We have a new, intensive day programme coming soon – more details to come.

Link provides a 6-to-8-week parenting assessment in the community for those with children on the edge of care. It includes hands-on coaching session for parents to learn how to keep their children safe, and nurture their potential.

Learn is a parenting education initiative for parents/caregivers who want to learn to identify needs in their children and implement strategies to create a calmer, more strength-based household. Our programme runs weekly each term and welcomes all parents who wish to build on their parenting skills.

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